Replacing the battery on a CASIO 1572 watch

The watch in question (CASIO 1572)

The watch in question (CASIO 1572)

This was harder than expected and I did not find any instructions on the internet – the manual from the CASIO website was useless.

The battery required was a CR 2016 which I got from maplin.

Getting the battery out and putting a new one in was not too hard – taking the back off required a small philips screwdriver and then the central section was levered out and the inner metal cover removed by unclipping it. Putting the new battery in was also similarly easy.

However this did not make the watch work – it was still blank and needed reseting – though the light worked. I could find no way of fixing it and so in the end I held down the light button and poked the copper contacts inside with a pin connecting them to the outer metal case in the hope of flipping some switch somewhere and so making it work – to my surprise this worked.

Note: that there is a little spring inside the case and so be very careful when turning the inside section upside down to keep your finger over the spring to stop it falling out.

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  1. Charles Latour Says:

    I faced the same problem recently (August 24, 2010). Unable to find a solution anywhere. After getting the battery (CR2016)into the watch, I push the main button (bottom left)for 2 or 3 seconds and a few seconds later the screen became full of frozen 8 without any possibility of changing them at once. I left it on my desk and had a sandwich. When I came back a little later, I saw digits indicating hour and minutes (unfortunatly I don’t remember which ones). Then I simply had to change them to current time in the usual way for this watch.

  2. Mike Hare Says:

    I also changed the batytery in my Casio. I get a light but nothing else. I do get a alarm signal while pressing the light button. I did get hours and munutes at one point but lost them while trying to get the screws back in the back.
    I have seen the 1200 time but it lasted only for a moment and then was gone. I’m at a stand still. Any help out there?

  3. Daniel Thomas Says:

    Try again, try prodding it with pins. However in the end I had to replace a watch because it appeared to be broken in such a way that replacing the battery wouldn’t fix it.

  4. mark Says:


    How about mentioning WHERE the spring is supposed to go _if_ it falls out… tnx

  5. Daniel Thomas Says:

    There is a circular hole somewhere which it goes into. I don’t have a picture to point out exactly where though.

  6. Sam Says:

    This seems to be the only blog/ help post on the net to help solve this problem, so firstly, thank you. Secondly, I’m having exactly the same problems, and it’s driving me insane. I know it’s difficult without a photo to show, but where should I be poking the pin and which buttons should I press at the same time?

  7. Daniel Thomas Says:

    Unfortunately I just poked at random trying to create as many different possible short circuits as possible and pressed lots of random buttons in different combinations. This worked but reproducing it might not be as easy as I would like.

  8. Tony Says:

    Try holding down the light buton and at the same time short the two small contacts with a screw drive. These two small contacts are only 1mm apart and loctaed near the start/stop/reset button. CRACKED!

  9. Wayne Says:

    After changing the battery, you have to perform an “all clear” function. To do this, you may need a magnifying glass or reading glasses. Once you have the back of the case off, look on the thin plate that holds the battery in place. You’re looking for the letters “ac” which will be next to a hole in the nylon (or maybe plastic) body underneath that thin plate. At the bottom of that hole is a brass contact. To perform the all clear function, you need to connect the back of the battery with that little brass contact; I used sharp tweezers. One tip was placed against the back of the battery, the other placed against that brass contact. Hold it there for a few seconds. Check the display (be careful about that small spring!) to see if it’s working. If it’s not, repeat and hold the tweezers against the contact and battery a little longer. That should do it!

  10. daniel Says:

    Thank you Wayne! Same procedure worked for a DB-510 that was driving me nuts.

  11. anton Says:

  12. Les Says:

    After fitting 2016 battery in watch if nothing works bend short lenght of wire like hair pin an insert one end into the one hole (on its own) and touch the battery–magic every thing is now ok

  13. Kim Says:

    This post was very helpful and I finally got the watch to work. However, the display doesn’t stay ON. I need to press the start/stop button to display the time…. Anyone else having the same issue? Merci!

  14. Kim Says:

    Ok…I finally figured it out. There was a little metal tab that got pried the wrong way when I changed the battery and this little tab needed to make permanent contact with a metal part underneath it. I pried it back the right way and everything works!

  15. Denis Says:

    Easy. With the new battery fitted the light comes on. Take a pre bent paper clip and poke one end in a hole with AC next to it and the other end of the clip on to the exposed fitted battery top. This will trigger correct operation of the watch. Do it quickly as the light is putting a drain on the battery. The light will automatically extinguish.

  16. Larry Says:

    #14 Kim has the right answer to this problem. The metal tab he/she refers to is part of the battery “cage” & it is V shaped. It makes contact between the a terminal on the green circuit board & the + side edge of the battery. I had to re-bend this tab several times to get the right lengths to re-establish contact. Apparently the 2 white housings that sandwich the green circuit board separate a little due to wrestling with batteries. Very hard to get back to the original alignments of the 3 pieces so some modifications are needed. Dang, I lost the spring that powers the alarm. But the watch now WORKS! Thanks, everyone’s tips were a guide for me.

  17. Ovidiu Says:

    Hi Wayne, your advice was wery useful. Thanks!

  18. Dominique Rosse Says:

    Hi, I did everything as directed above and I do get a correct display that I can update and read…unfortunately it vanishes slowly in the next 20 seconds and no fiddling with the buttons will change anything. I lost the spring by the way…

  19. Daniel Thomas Says:

    Hello Dominique,

    Perhaps try a different battery? Possible the one you are using is almost run out.

    Best wishes,

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